Bee Bread

60 Vegan Capsules
500mg Dietary Bee Supplement
Additives Free Non GMO

Honeybeezone Bee bread Perga Bee supplement

Bee Propolis

60 Vegan Capsules
500mg Dietary Bee Supplement
Additives Free Non GMO

Honeybeezone Bee propolis Bee supplement

Bee Pollen

60 Vegan Capsules
520mg Dietary Bee Supplement
Additives Free Non GMO

Honeybeezone Bee pollen Bee supplement

Best Seller Vitamins & Bee Supplements for Men & Women

HoneybeeZone® has excelled in developing healthy and reliable products in bee products, supplementary foods, and dermo-cosmetics, as well as providing research and development, training, and consultancy services with regard to those fields.

Enjoy the benefits of our bee products to live a long and healthy life.
Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory, Support Immune System, Boost Energy Levels, Improving Digestive System,
Boosts Metabolism and Energy, Help Fertility, Anti-aging


bee propolis


bee bread


bee pollen

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What is propolis?

Propolis is a sticky, resinous substance with immune support and antioxidant effects.
The honey bees collect it from various plants and bring them to their beehives. The bees cover the beehive with propolis to protect it from external influences, microorganisms and other pests. Propolis, which bees extract from the leaves and stems of various plant buds, is usually obtained from beech, elm and conifer trees.

What is perga, bee bread ?

The main nutritional needs of the honey bee (Apis mellifera) are nectar, pollen and water. Nectar is a source of carbohydrates for honey bees, while pollen is a source of lipids and vitamins. A worker bee takes approximately 120-145 mg of pollen to grow from larva to adult, and a colony collects an average of 20-57 kg of pollen per year.

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