NUTRAL THERAPY PROPOLIS – Antioxidants, Immune Support Bee Supplement


60 Vegan Capsules 500 mg Dietary Supplement

NATURAL REMEDY, IMMUNE SUPPORT & ANTIOXIDANT PROTECTION: Propolis is a natural way to protect our body from environmental threats and help fight infections and inflammation, like sore throats and colds.
VEGAN CAPSULES AND ALCOHOLIC SOLVENT FREE: It is free from alcoholic solvents like Propylene glycol (PG), ethyl alcohol (ethanol) and glycerin. Vegan capsule (Hydroxy Methyl Cellulose)
EXCEPTIONAL CONTENTS STRENGTHEN YOUR BODY RESISTANCE: Flavonoids, terpenoids, phenolics, vitamins and minerals help.
RELIABLE WITH STANDARDIZED & CERTIFIED HELAL PRODUCT: The product has ISO 22000:2018 standards, in accordance with the Food Safety Management System, and also it is certified with halal certificate.
SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Gluten free, GMO free, preservatives free, artificial flavor free, artificial ingredients free and additives free natural bee product.

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Item Form: Capsule
Size: 500mg, 60 Vegan capsules
Allergen Information: People allergic to bees, bee products or bee pollen may experience allergic reactions.
Product Dimensions: 3.39×2.24×2.24 inches
Product Weight: 5.11 ounces
Ingredients: Propolis extract and vegan capsule (Hydroxy Methyl Cellulose)

What is Bee Propolis?

Propolis is a sticky substance that is collected from different plant sources by bees. This is a combination of tree resins, beeswax, and enzymes made by bees to protect the hive from disease threats, like bacteria or viruses. It contains strong antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties in it. These antimicrobial properties help to keep the beehive sterile.

The beneficial biological properties of propolis are mostly attributed to phenolic substances such as flavonoids and hydroxycinnamic acid derivatives. Flavonoids are seen as the most important group of compounds found in propolis. Flavonoids are found in photosynthesizing cells. Because they exist as secondary plant metabolites, they cannot be synthesized by humans and are therefore important for human nutrition.
In the propolis, vitamins and minerals such as vitamins A, D3, Beta Carotene, Vitamin A Retinol, Omega 3-6, Magnesium, Sodium, Copper, Zinc, Iron, Phosphorus, Calcium
It has well known ingredients that help the immune system, respiratory system, bronchial and lung health, may help for teeth and mouth problems like gingivitis and plaque, sores, cold and flus, skin problems and wounds healing.

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The Health Benefits of Propolis



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